Plywood display
Ecological advertising


Certified materials

We make advertising displays and stands from organic, natural materials they have FSC certificate released by Control Union. So our products are made of wood obtained while maintaining the viability of forests and their biological wealth, respecting sustainable development: economy – nature – society. Remember! The stand that we will make for you will be 100% ecological product.

Every customer is important to us

It doesn’t matter if you need a few or several hundred displays. We will devote as much time to you as you need to create an advertising stand fully tailored to your needs, the specificity of your goods and the context in which it will be used (exhibition, shop, fairs, etc.).

Sample copy

Of course! Nobody buys a pig in a poke, why would you? After accepting the design, we will make a sample copy for you, so that you can convince yourself of the correctness of your choice as to shape, size, colors, etc. – and place an order without any doubts.

Simple structure, convenient installation

This is an advantage of our plywood displays. Taking care of your comfort, we made sure that the structure of the stands was simple and their assembly did not require the use of any tools. That is why our advertising stands can be easily folded or unfolded and transported to be used in another place and in other circumstances.

A few words about us

The idea for the production of ecological stands made of ECOstand plywood is a consequence of our many years of experience in offering POS advertising formats. We have been in contact with customers since 1998, when we started the production of cardboard displays intended for trade. Inspired by your opinions on cardboard stands and looking for a way to create more durable, more flexible and more aesthetic products, we reached for plywood displays. The possibilities offered by plywood turned out to be "bull's eye". We are currently carrying out plywood POS orders for the largest corporate clients.

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See our projects

We invite you to see the effects of our work. So far, we have completed over 900 projects, some of which have been finalized in the form of orders and some have remained in the form of prototypes. Among the implemented plywood advertising displays, there is one that we are particularly proud of, because in 2019, during the 25th edition of the Display Superstar competition in Düsseldorf, it received a bronze award, and it was made for the company HiPP Gmbh & Co. Vertrieb KG.

However, it is worth looking at all our designs to see for whom we made them and what creative and implementation potential we have.

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