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Plywood display
Ecological advertising

Plywood POS side

* Ask about FSC certified products in our offer


Certified materials

Our advertising stands are made from organic and natural materials that possess the FSC certificate (cross-reference*) issued by the Control Union (cross-reference **). Therefore, our products are derived from wood acquired from the simultaneous maintenance of the lifespan of forests, as well as their biological wealth, while also respecting sustainable development: economics – nature – society. Attention! The stand that we make for you shall be a 100% ecological product.

Each client is important to us

It is not important whether you need several or several hundred stands. We shall devote as much time to you as necessary in order for the display stand to be fully adjusted to your needs, the specifics of your product and the context in which it shall be used (at exhibitions, in a shop, trade fairs, etc.).

Test sample

Obviously! Nobody wants to buy a pig in a poke, so why should you? Following the approval of a design, we shall make a test sample for you in order to convince you of the justification of your choice with regard to the shape, magnitude, colours, etc. and of course place an order.

Simple construction, convenient assembly

This is the attribute of our plywood display stands. By paying attention to your convenience, we have tried to make the construction simple and for the assembly not to require the use of any tools. Therefore, our display stands are easy to assemble, disassemble and transport in order to use them in a different place and different environs.

Who are we?

To start with, it is worth introducing ourselves.Our company is called ECOSTAND and we are a producer of plywood display stands. It is afamily firm that has been operating on the market of advertising products since 1998, albeit it isdifficult to believe that is already 22 years! Since the very beginning we have been dealing withthe production of display stands, exhibition stands (other names are advertising stands,presentation stands and exposition stands) that are designated for marketing and promotionalservices for trade.

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See our projects

We warmly invite you to see the effects of our work. Up to now, we have executed over 900
projects, some of which were finalized in the form of orders, while others remained in the form of
prototypes. Among the advertising plywood displays executed by our company, there is one that
we are particularly proud of from 2019, which we exhibited during the 25th edition of the
competition entitled Display Superstar in Düsseldorf, for which we received the bronze medal
and was executed for the firm HiPP Gmbh & Co. Vertrieb KG. However, it is worth viewing all of
our designs in order to convince yourself of who we have worked for and what creative and
executive potential we have at our disposal.

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