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See our projects

We invite you to see the effects of our work. So far, we have completed over 900 projects, some of which have been finalized in the form of orders and some have remained in the form of prototypes.

  • plywood display plywood stand display

    Display project – Emils

  • Stojak produktowy ze sklejki plywood display fsdu

    Wooden stand – Wiorek

  • plywood stand stand stand

    Ecological exhibition – Vegan Saucery

  • Display Stand – Maria de la Vara

  • Display advertising -Living Nature

  • Floor display – Starmann

  • Display – Lee Cooper

  • Plywood display – Sunar

  • plywood stands plywood stand plywood displays

    Plywood displays – Strive

  • Plywood POS – Fortuna

  • plywood stands plywood stands plywood stand

    Plywood Display – Dobre Smaki

  • plywood stand plywood stand plywood stands

    Plywood stand – Haribo

  • Display – Wawel

  • Eco display Eco display wooden display

    Plywood presentation Coca-Cola

  • Eco plywood stand – Slabs

  • Floor stand Lipton Floor stand Lipton Floor stand Lipton

    Plywood POS – Lipton

  • Floor stand Chimpanzee side Floor stand Chimpanzee Floor stand Chimpanzee side

    Plywood POS – Chimpanzee

  • Floor display HIPP side Floor display HIPP Floor display HIPP side

    Floor stand – Hipp

  • wodden stand FSDU floor stand eco plywood stand

    Floor stand – Berlingo

  • plywood display floor display plywood stand for sweets

    Ecological display – Belvas

  • floor stand advertising stand plywood eco stand

    Ecological plywood stand – Wunder

  • Floor stand Seicha side Floor stand Seicha Floor stand Seicha side

    Ecological stand – Seicha

  • Floor stand Reeses Floor stand Reeses Floor stand Reeses

    Floor Stand – Reeses

  • Floor display Jamu Side Floor display Jamu Floor display Jamu side

    Floor plywood Stand – Jamu

  • Floor display Ice Cascara side Floor display Ice Cascara Floor display Ice Cascara side

    Wooden POS – Ice Cascara

  • Floor stand HOOP BIER Floor stand HOOP BIER Floor stand HOOP BIER

    Wooden stand – Hoop Bier

  • Floor display Faith in nature side Floor display Faith in nature Floor display Faith in nature side

    Ecological POS – Faith in nature

  • Werbedisplays Werbestands Werbedisplays

    Plywood Display – Cassa Novas

  • Floor display Bike Workx Floor stand bike workx Floor stand bike workx

    Plywood Stand – Bike Work X

  • FSDU floor display wooden POS display for drinks

    Plywood stand – Natural AF

  • Plywood POS floor stand side plywood display

    Wooden display – Ravellis

  • floor stand side plywood POS front plywood presentation for beer side

    Display for beer – Green Mill cider

  • plywood displays plywood POS FSDU floor stand

    Eco-Floor stand – Czu Czu

  • Ecological advertising plywood POS side plywood presentation side

    Plywood floor stand – Cool Milk

  • plywood display -open sides floor stands - open sides open floor stand - side

    Floor display unit – Orientana

  • wooden stand wooden floor stand plywood stand side

    Ecological stand – Nutriful

  • POS - side plywood presentation side Plywood POS side

    Wooden stand – Emils

  • Ecological advertising wooden POS wooden display side

    Ecological Display – DacoBello

  • eco stand plywood display plywood presentation

    Ecological display – Balymaloe

  • Plywood floor stand – Berries

  • plywood stand side plywood presentation plywood POS

    Floor display – Jung

  • stand on chip palete side display for drinks with white original stand for drinks

    Wooden POS – Seicha

  • POS for diet products side eco display with lockable shelves plywood presentation

    Wooden stand – Shape Republic

  • floor stand plywood advertisement ecological advertisement

    Plywood presentation – Kujawski Oil

  • plywood display side Plywood POS side plywood displays side

    Ecological beer stand – Książęce

  • plywood stand plywood POS ecological POS

    Floor stand -Hipp

  • Ecological stand -Trefl