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floor stand side plywood POS front plywood presentation for beer side
Display for beer – Green Mill cider

high load capacity of shelves

print made using UV technique

eco display + 5 shelves

FSDU - free-standing, floor stand, no tools

dimensions 168 x 33 x 37 cm

weight 13.5 kg

Are you interested in the project we executed for Green Mill Cider? This is absolutely nosurprise to us. It is distinguishable by its graphics that are printed in their entirety against a darkbrown background. In this way, we made a reference to the image of the firm which it uses onother advertising and promotional mediums. Green Mill Cider is a regional brewery that brewsbeer with a short shelf life, which in turn guarantees the application of natural ingredients andthe lack of preservatives. Now you can understand why this client chose our firm as theexecutor of the advertising display for its products, in order to emphasize their sense ofattachment to the ecological philosophy of their business.
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