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wooden stand wooden floor stand plywood stand side
Ecological stand – Nutriful

Eco display + 4 shelves

Dimensions: 180x55x40 cm

6mm plywood+ UV print

Weight: 14 kg

FSDU floor stand, no tools


You are now looking at the ecological display which we executed for the German firm Nutriful,which specializes in innovative dietetic products that are based on natural ingredients. In theirdesire to give their products both a modern and organic sense, thanks to which the goods ondisplay would be appreciated by the purchasers, Nutriful turned to our firm for assistance. Wecreated a stand that fulfilled all the expectations of the client, namely graphics enriched withtextual information, spacious shelves and closed lower cases, together with a range of coloursreflecting the lightness and freshness of the goods on offer.
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