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Eco display Eco display wooden display
Plywood presentation Coca-Cola

print made using UV technique

eco display + 4 shelves

high load capacity of shelves

FSDU - free-standing, floor stand, no tools

dimensions 185 x 42 x 35 cm

weight 13.5 kg

This display was executed for the company Coca-Cola. Coca Cola favours the principle of sustainable development, in which the ecological aspect plays asignificant role. Thus, the ecological advertising which we offer was acknowledged by them andwas decisive in terms of our cooperation.The stand was made with certified plywood (FSC), while the shape refers to the productsproposed by Coca Cola and the colour set reflects the colour used by the firm on their bottles.DetailsThe display has 4 shelves, a UV overprint, with a topper culminating with the logo of the firm.One shelf is capable of carrying a weight of approximately 40 kg. What is significant is the factthat the display is extraordinarily easy to assemble, for which no tools are required. We sendthis item in disassembled form and flat-packed.
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